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The most innovative and captivating advertising is done on TwitScreens. TwitScreens offers the advertiser a unique opportunity to reach a dedicated and engaged audience. Whether video, flyer or Flash® ads, TwitScreens produces results. Liquor, beer and wine distributors in particular find TwitScreens' bar, lounge and club venue patrons an extremely attractive advertising audience.

Advertise with TwitScreens

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If you are a TwitScreens Ultimate subscriber, you're eligible to share ad revenue generated in your location or venue. Contact your TwitScreens customer care representative for more information.

TwitScreens® Is LIVE!

TwitScreens Alive
TwitScreens® at club ESSO in Atlanta, GA

What is TwitScreens®?

TwitScreens is a unique and innovative technology that harnesses the awesome power of today's social networks. Built on Twitter®, TwitScreens brings to your venue or event unparalleled access to millions of potential clients, participants, customers, and event goers of whatever audience you desire to reach.  Due to Twitter's world wide appeal, TwitScreens is uniquely poised to provide access to audiences of all cultures and locations.  TwitScreens offers the most awe-inspiring shows in various screen formats and display styles.

Club Mansion Elan Atlanta

Club ESSO Atlant

How does TwitScreens® work?

TwitScreens’ technologies uses tweets from the popular Twitter® social networking site and displays them on large monitors or projections in venues and events. Users set up TwitScreens accounts to provide tweet displays in their locations and to encourage Twitter® users to tweet about the venue or event. Each tweet has the potential of being "retweeted" thousands of times thereby being seen by potentially millions of people. Advertising of interest can also be displayed at regular intervals on TwitScreens. When visitors “tweet” about your venue or event those tweets are displayed on the monitors using TwitScreens’ unique technologies.

Club Obsessions Atlanta

TwitScreens offers basic accounts which are free.  One merely needs to set up the free account on-line and begin using it.  TwitScreens also offers premium paid accounts that provide such features as word filtering, tweet screening, and use of TwitScreens T-Blaster® technology.  For further details on TwitScreens technologies see About TwitScreens.

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